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    Welcome to arts groups cut off! Guaranteed 100% high guangcheng
    Tel: Mobile: 18602054418(Lee)


     shenzhen baoan district xinan guangcheng screen building materials business, is a collection research and development, design, production, sale, installation and after-sales service as one of the partition business. Mobile partition its production activities (65,85,100); office fixed partition (80,100) two major products, over 30 series. 
    The company introduced a new design concept the United States, the integration of autonomy for many years the needs of the market, with more than one in the country with R & D patent. QUNYI to cut off the first quality, service-oriented business philosophy, to meet customer needs, more places to show you the glory!

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    Choose five big reasons qunyi partition

    • Good sound effects

      KENYA screen hollow noise cotton unique design, sound insulation up to 63 db! Manufacturers of children's products meet export standards, each piece door have adopted new design with vertical shrink fitting means

    • Guaranteed 100% high-quality, high-quality decoration services

      Division I rely on strong technology, sophisticated equipment, efficient management, strict quality control system, the use of green materials, formaldehyde emissions in line with national standards<1.5mg/L>,Material with strong, durable, anti-deformation, fire anti-burning, anti-aging, do not fade, scratch resistant and other characteristics; for domestic and foreign customers with first-class products, first-class service.

    • Super energy saving and space saving!

      KENYEE cut off activities produced the screen size can be easily cut off the space to divide a large space into separate small space, while a short time can not affect the reduction larger than the space used in other cases, greatly improve the use of space rate, energy saving and environmental protection.

    • Design Innovation

      To change the traditional way of gypsum board walls, spatial planning is no longer a fixed shield, when adjusted .KENYEE partition layout can be moved or room according to a new design for the space that is scheduled to re-do segments

    • Private customized for you

      KENYEE partition design, decorative panels have several options depending on customer requirements, such as the partition type, surface decoration and collection methods to meet different site design decoration style.


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    To help customers understand our products and our company to better communicate with customers, site drawings provided by our customers to provide design for free.
    if not drawing, I can send technical personnel on-site for free viewing measurement data.

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